We are fortunate to have Gary Tejcek as a sponsor at Tigers. Gary is a highly skilled Dental Prosthetist who has made custom mouth guards for our players for years. He’s also a Tiger dad and long term member of the club.

Gary does a very competitive deal for Tigers, and because he is registered with all the Health Funds, you may qualify for a rebate from your healthcare provider.

Gary will be upstairs in the clubhouse on Friday night to see kids and take mouth impressions. He’ll then deliver the finished product within about ten days.

If you’d like more info from Gary regarding prices etc, or if you’d like to lock in an appointment for this Friday at the club, please text the following details to him at 0409 290 153 and he’ll get back to you:

  1. Your name
  2. Your child’s name & age group
  3. Use promo code #TIGERSMILE