Wahroonga Rugby Club invites applications from all registered U11 and U12 players and parents for the 2017 Japan Tour, which will be held from September 21st to October 3rd.

The Sanda Tour embodies an extraordinary friendship between Sanda Rugby Club (Japan) and Wahroonga Rugby Club designed to foster rugby development and a cross cultural experience for young players.

Each year our clubs take turns visiting each other. The 10 day tour comprises a vigorous rugby program which is layered with sightseeing and cultural activities. Both players and adult tourists are billeted with local families and are therefore immersed in Japanese culture and customs for the duration of their visit.

The special relationship between WRC and Sanda Rugby stemmed from the vision of passionate rugby proponent Dr. Shigeki Taba, who pursued a dream to establish a reciprocity with an Australian club so that rugby would become the platform for understanding, friendship, and the development of life skills.

Following a visit to Sanda’s sister city, The Blue Mountains, Sanda Rugby established contact with David Campese, (who at that time was patron of Wahroonga Rugby Club). With much hard work by both clubs, Dr. Taba’s vision became a reality with the first tour from Wahroonga to Sanda taking place in 1997.

There is a large photograph of Dr Taba in our clubhouse. Sadly he passed away in 2010, however his legacy lives on and this year marks the 20 year anniversary of our touring relationship; which represents a significant milestone for both clubs. Sanda is renowned for its warmth and hospitality and this year’s tour is set to be very memorable for all those involved.

CLICK HERE to read all about the history of the WRC Japan Tour, download and read the WRC Japan Tour Policy Booklet and afterwards (if you agree to the policy document) download, complete and lodge Tour Application forms.

CLICK HERE to contact Tour Convenor Elana Massey if you need more information.