Ground Marshals

SJRU Ground Marshals
Every team must have a Ground Marshal for every Competition Match and every Finals Series Match. The referee will NOT start the Match unless both Teams have a Ground Marshal.

The Role of the Ground Marshal is to:-

  • Ensure your Team’s spectators / supporters are not in breach of the SJRU Code of Conduct and in particular there is NO verbal abuse of Match Officials or players.
  • Remove any person associated with your Team who does not comply with the directions issued to them by a ground marshal or the referee. The offending person should be directed to leave the playing enclosure immediately.

• In the first instance address breaches of the Code of Conduct by opposition spectators / supporters with the opposing Team’s ground marshal.

  • Introduce yourself to the referee and assistant referee before the Match and ask if there is any particular duty they require you to do during the Match or if they require assistance with keeping time etc during the Match
  • Ensure all teams comply with the SJRU Competition Rules and in particular:-

o All coaches and reserve players to remain behind the ropes.
o Trainers / runners to remain within 10 metres of the half way line unless tending to an injured player or offering water during a break in play.
o Ensure Trainers do not coach teams while on the sideline.
o Ensure that your Teams replacements are made via the Assistant Referee / touch judge.
o Assist the referee and assistant referee with dealing with yellow card incidents related to players from your

Team and in particular ensure the player remains seated on or near the half way line for the duration of the penalty. The penalty is:-

* Under 10 to Under 12 5 Minutes (Replacement allowed)
* Under 13 to Opens 10 Minutes (No replacement allowed)

o Assist the referee and assistant referee with dealing with red card incidents related to players from your Team. The penalty is:-

* Under 10 to Under 12 Duration of the Match (Replacement allowed)

* Under 13 to Opens Duration of the Match (No replacement allowed) In the event of serious injury:-

* Offer on-field assistance to ensure care and comfort of the injured player
* If an ambulance is required then offer assistance with calling for the ambulance and ensure free access to the injured player
* Report cases of serious injury to players of your Team to your Club President
* Assist your Team Manager in completing the Sign-on Sheet for Yellow and Red Card incidents, uncontested scrums, Mercy Rule and any issues with ground set up.

As things start to heat up on the field with finals looming, can I take this opportunity to remind ALL clubs that the SJRU takes a strong stance against abuse of Match Officials. This extends to include any Ground Marshals, Assistant Referees / Touch Judges and Referees. Please control your parents, spectators, players and officials on the side lines and remind them of the Code of Conduct which EVERYONE is bound to. What you might think is not offensive, maybe offensive to someone else so please SSHH on the sidelines and let the children enjoy the game. YOU ARE THE EXAMPLE FOR YOUR CHILDREN. IF YOU FOLLOW AND ABIDE BY THE CODE OF CONDUCT ..... THEY WILL TOO!

Tony Fisher
Sydney Junior Rugby Union